Saturday, 18 August 2012

Blast that creative block with a ray gun!

I have been struggling with storyboard artwork today, so I took a break and typed out a mad introduction to a sci-fi story and doodled a concept for cover art, cliches can be fun too!

Here is the cover concept and the few paragraphs I churned out before feeling creative enough to tackle story-boarding:

“Your voices called from oblivion, how could we not help you? Although long gone humanity could not be laid to rest, your story was not finished. You were destroyed before you could join us, so we came. We brought you back from the endless darkness, so that you might live again, that you would never be alone.”

Earth is dead, polluted, barren and decayed beyond recognition. Humanity destroyed itself with bitter conflicts and unconstrained development of industrial environments. The last human cried out in anguish millennia ago, they were not alone.

The stars around us are teeming with life, simple, wonderful and intelligent forms populate the galaxy, but there is no easy answer to crossing the distances of space, even for light. Earth was so far from its nearest contemporary, Sigmus, that when signals from Earth reached them, human life no longer walked it’s surface. When the first Sig spacecraft reached the solar system, the sun was dying and all that covered the Earth was dust.

They brought humanity back, from death, the dust and to their home. There was nothing left for them on Earth. They live now at peace and as equals with the Siggs.

This is the story sung to every Human child born on Sigmus and it’s colonies. It is more wonderful than anything they could imagine. Because it is a lie.

Tracy Alder works for the Siggs, as an archaeological mechanic, maintaining the machines that search through the dirt of alien worlds, searching for life or the songs of long dead creatures. On a moon far from Sigmus or earth she uncovers something that destroys the illusion fed to her from birth. She discovers a human city, and it’s far from dead.

[Que dramatic space opera music].

In conclusion, my brain is odd and spits out cliches faster than a revolving bucket.

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