Thursday, 2 June 2011

Self promotion folder

I put together a blank design for self promotional mail-out folders, inspired by an article in Computer arts magazine. The design is a simple way to get good registration for double sided printing, I like to give the designs borders, which can be trimmed if the designs are offset slightly in printing

You can download the pdf here

An example made using mixed media:

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Eggy Alphabet

Is good for you

My god, I really am easily entertained... I must have spent over an hour on this easily! Here is a quick guide to making some food fonts, eggy bread style.

First I cut the letters out of Bread

Then I soaked them in beaten egg and fried the on both sides

Other than being a bit of a novel way to produce images, this technique is fun because in the end as long as you don't muck up the food when your taking photos you can eat them, hope you like eggy bread!

(I'm not sure I do anymore)


Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Artzine project

One of my favorite projects on my National Diploma Course was the artzine project. [unit 35, words and images] I ended up producing a standard artzine, folded from an A3 sheet.

Our pathway was fortunate enough to have Alex Higlett come in as a guest lecturer to explain the process and  applications of Artzines. My lecturer Georgina Hounsome helped me develop a printing technique comining relief print, photograms and digital media to produce the final outcomes shown below.

We were given several topics to choose from, I chose Boys and Girls, developing it into an exploration of the representation of sexuality. I used the lyrics from Blur's 'girls and boys' song to illustrate the complicated and confusing nature of peoples sexuality, which becomes harder to understand the closer you look into it.