Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Athena Engine Logo development

More work for Third nerve to show! After a long time pondering what to name a piece of software we decided on 'Athena'. 

Here is the development of a logo that may be used:



1-Brushed a circle, using a chalk brush set and a shape as a template. penned in owl. Negative space A placed, penned in black sylised A on top. added in remainder of name below. Added eyes and beak in white.

2-Smoothed the paths, image seems sharper. tried a two-tone effect to create a more definate border, was not pleased with result

3-Removed the gap next to the wing by rotating the brush circle slightly, tried a single eye. reverted to single tone.

4-removed eye, added white circle so transparent PNG version would not have white marks left over.

It still needs to be refined, but I am happy with this design as a base to build on in the future.

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