Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Athena Engine Logo development

More work for Third nerve to show! After a long time pondering what to name a piece of software we decided on 'Athena'. 

Here is the development of a logo that may be used:



1-Brushed a circle, using a chalk brush set and a shape as a template. penned in owl. Negative space A placed, penned in black sylised A on top. added in remainder of name below. Added eyes and beak in white.

2-Smoothed the paths, image seems sharper. tried a two-tone effect to create a more definate border, was not pleased with result

3-Removed the gap next to the wing by rotating the brush circle slightly, tried a single eye. reverted to single tone.

4-removed eye, added white circle so transparent PNG version would not have white marks left over.

It still needs to be refined, but I am happy with this design as a base to build on in the future.

proud space doodle

So I was procrastinating as usual when I made this scifi styled 'space pride' picture... I now want to write a scifi novel titled 'gay is ok' so that i can use this for the cover.

Saturday, 18 August 2012

How not to fix a problem.

So I noticed a little anthropomorphicness building up in the design... It escalated quickly.

Its important to have fun in the creative progress. At least that's my excuse for this monstrosity.

Blast that creative block with a ray gun!

I have been struggling with storyboard artwork today, so I took a break and typed out a mad introduction to a sci-fi story and doodled a concept for cover art, cliches can be fun too!

Here is the cover concept and the few paragraphs I churned out before feeling creative enough to tackle story-boarding:

“Your voices called from oblivion, how could we not help you? Although long gone humanity could not be laid to rest, your story was not finished. You were destroyed before you could join us, so we came. We brought you back from the endless darkness, so that you might live again, that you would never be alone.”

Earth is dead, polluted, barren and decayed beyond recognition. Humanity destroyed itself with bitter conflicts and unconstrained development of industrial environments. The last human cried out in anguish millennia ago, they were not alone.

The stars around us are teeming with life, simple, wonderful and intelligent forms populate the galaxy, but there is no easy answer to crossing the distances of space, even for light. Earth was so far from its nearest contemporary, Sigmus, that when signals from Earth reached them, human life no longer walked it’s surface. When the first Sig spacecraft reached the solar system, the sun was dying and all that covered the Earth was dust.

They brought humanity back, from death, the dust and to their home. There was nothing left for them on Earth. They live now at peace and as equals with the Siggs.

This is the story sung to every Human child born on Sigmus and it’s colonies. It is more wonderful than anything they could imagine. Because it is a lie.

Tracy Alder works for the Siggs, as an archaeological mechanic, maintaining the machines that search through the dirt of alien worlds, searching for life or the songs of long dead creatures. On a moon far from Sigmus or earth she uncovers something that destroys the illusion fed to her from birth. She discovers a human city, and it’s far from dead.

[Que dramatic space opera music].

In conclusion, my brain is odd and spits out cliches faster than a revolving bucket.

Foundations Poster Finished

This poster is a promotional piece for Third Nerve's debut project 'Parapraxis Foundations' a game that will be updated with more content regularly, developed with continuous feedback.

The poster was produced by painting the base shapes in gouache onto newsprint. the painting was scanned and vectorised using Illustrator. shadows, detail and figures were added, the type was drawn with a chalk-round brush, traced over standard type.

The design will be displayed online and as A4 posters.

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Projector Photography August 2012

These photographs are a series of self portraits that explore the use of a projector within the composition of a portrait. The projected photographs are from a trip to Rinsey, on the Cornish coast. I played with the interactions between foreground and background, and integrating figure into existing landscapes. I plan to continue with this format, playing more with colour, subject and the play between focal planes.

Third nerve music folder design

These images are from my design work for Third Nerve, Promotional folders for the Parapraxis series used to distribute codes for free music from the soundtrack being developed. They were given away when the team visited Rezzed 2012, an Indie and PC games show at Brighton, and will be used again when the team visits other appropriate venues for distribution. 

I gave the studio logo a paint job and subtle drop shadow, the illustrations on the rest of the folder was made in illustrator with the pen tool and represents the three tracks with three planes of focus, emulating the graphic style of the game, which will use simple block colours with sharply defined forms, given depth with subtle shadows and lighting along multiple planes of focus shown off with paralax.