Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Digital A+D Software List

This is a list, in no particular order, of digital art and design software that I use/have used within my practice/study/spare time.

Free: Pencil

Animation software leaning towards hand-drawn animation styles.

Free: Rasterbator

Software that separates and simplifies images into sections that can be printed out and put together to make a large colour/b+w/monochrome poster.

Free: Sculptris

Free simplified version of Z-brush. A 3D sculpting software that can be used to produce concepts or fully fleshed out models

Requires purchase: Spine 

Animation software that allows you to create skeletons/spines to attach image sections and create animation patterns and cycles.

Free: Stereo Photo Maker

3D Anaglyph/Stereoscopic image software, used to create 3D images from a left and right image. Can produce gifs that do not require glasses

Free: Blender

Powerful open source 3D modeling software, strong community and many tutorial resources and plug-ins.

I will add more to this list in the future

Sunday, 12 May 2013

University Project: G2

Paper Faces

Face Paint Photograps

Earlier this month I tried out some face-paints for a self portrait photo-shoot. The pattern used works best with the more surreal and expressive compositions. Future shoots will work with themes, as abstract patterns seem to work well but are not strong enough.

Broken Images

During the face paint photo-shoot I had bracketed some images to produce HDR photos like this first image.

However when I loaded two images into a program that were not from the same group, the result were surprising, shown in this broken image:

I created several more broken images using the same process, loading different images into a program that thinks it is being given images of the same group. They are rough and random, but some have the potential to be developed more. Shadows and light seem to be important and can result in interesting combinations, similar to rules that influence double exposures in film photography.

I also tried combining a portraiture shot with the 'Day of the Leekids' cityscape image, the city came through strongly in the shadowy areas of the image, I plan to try out more of this completely unrelated combination technique.

I will explore this technique more later, with photo-shoots that contain compositions designed to blend together.